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Pregnancy announcements, rain and some serious birthday vybz for one of Crack’s crew meant that the post Brexit blues didn’t last long.

It’s genuinely hard to not enjoy yourself when surrounded by such overwhelming positivity. From Mhairi Black’s rousing speech on the Pyramid after Skepta had torn it to pieces to the Syrian National Orchestra earlier in the day, finding a sense of perspective in these quite bleak times wasn’t difficult at Glastonbury yesterday.

The rich variety of acts on offer served to further the feeling. For the liberal minded amongst us, the ones who want to embrace culture and colour, Glastonbury is the pinnacle. Grime from Novelist, Savages’ searing guitars and Underworld’s anthems all gave the day a varied feel. We darted from field to field and tent to tent with a bit more wilful abandon than normal – though we returned to our favourites time and time again. The NYC Downlow yet again won the late night entertainment gold medal, the Prince tribute on the Genosys was the biggest crowd crush of the weekend and the American Diner yet again served up decadent slices of rock’n’roll. We rolled in and out till the sun came up and made our way across the fields for another serene morning walk back to our tent.