In GIFs: Field Day 2015

© Kate Bones

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Armed with just a camera we braved the heat to give Field Day 2015 the Crack GIF treatment.

Since Kate Bones shot our festival, Simple Things, last year we’ve been trying to send her to as many interesting places as possible to capture the world through her unique lens.

This year’s Field Day was a celebration of great music, great food and drink and most of all great characters. On one of the hottest days of the year our favourite GIFstress went out to photograph the goings on.

© Kate Bones

We had a great time, scoping out the best places to eat, basking in London’s sunshine and checking out artists like FKA twigs, Savages and QT who all blew our minds in totally different ways.

Field Day have, once again, raised the bar of just how great an inner city festival can be. If you love good music and a day in the sun there’s no two ways about it; Field Day is a truly great festival.

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