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On Saturday (23 March) hundreds of thousands descended on Parliament Square to demand a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

The ‘Put it to the People’ demonstration marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square via Hyde Park, calling for parliament to give the electorate the final say on the proposed Brexit deal. The March was organised to fall six days before the leave date set out in Article 50 (29 March). The staggering turn out is another signal to the government of a growing tide of voters frustrated at Brexit negotiations, with a parliamentary petition calling to ‘Revoke Article 50 and Remain in the EU” gaining over a record breaking 5.7 million signatures and crashing the government website last week.

Crack Magazine’s photographer Eli Lawson-Adamah was on the ground capturing the protest, including Gideön and Soho Radio’s Stop Brexit Sound System. The following day saw commentators claiming it was the UK’s largest demo since 2003’s Stop the War march, with some estimating a mobilisation of upwards of one million people.