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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

It’s instinct that fuels much, if not all, of Mr. Mitch’s approach to music-making. The south London producer and Gobstopper Records boss has donned many hats over the course of his career thus far; offering everything from inventive takes on grime to something more introspective and emotional. The common denominator within his output, besides from a penchant for the atmospheric, and the occasional inclusion of his children in his songs, is that he simply creates what feels right (and relevant) at any given time. As we said, instinct

His latest album, Lazy, landed back in March. The solo record was a sympathetic soundtrack to the turbulent times in which it was released, one that dived headfirst into a treasure trove of genres and moods over the course of its 11 tracks.

For his Selections playlist, Mr. Mitch takes a similarly loose and emotionally-driven tack. Moving from the ever-euphoric Anz through to fresh cuts from the likes of Joy O, Ross From Friends and Ayesha, his playlist is packed with “tracks that make me happy, inspire me, make me want to dance – or all of the above.”

Dive in below.

Mr. Mitch plays at The Warehouse Project on 9 October 2021