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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

American producer and composer Jlin (AKA Jerrilynn Patton) is the latest artist to offer up their handpicked list of tracks.

An immediate success, Jlin’s debut album, Dark Energy, dropped in 2015 when Patton was still working as a steel mill worker. The acclaim of the album allowing her to quit her job to focus on music full-time, she’s now an unparalleled artist with her textured, twisted and volatile tracks breaking away from electronic music simply as dancefloor fodder.

Having performed alongside the likes of Bjork, Ben Frost and William Basinski, Patton has even earned a Pulitzer Prize nomination for her collaboration with Third Coast Percussion, truly setting her apart as a titan of the industry.

Ahead of her performance next month at Roundhouse’s In The Round Festival she’s put together a mix of genre-fluid hype tracks, more soulful than synthetic, but the diversity you would expect from an artist in a league of their own. On her selections she says ‘My playlist always changes randomly, but here is one that I hope you all enjoy. This is my pick me up playlist’.

Jlin plays In The Round Festival 23 April, 2024