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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Imbratura Lou and Sancha Ndeko formed dubstep outfit Sicaria Sound while studying at university. At the time, Sicaria Sound – which has evolved from a DJ project into a production partnership, with the duo also launching their own label, Cutcross Recordings – didn’t really have a name nor a purpose. The pair simply bonded over a mutual love for clubbing, sound system music and bass-heavy dance tracks – plus a shared dislike for their uni course.

Years later, and it’s this affinity for heavier, dubbier strains of electronic music – be it grime or dubstep, intrepid mutations of the two or something else entirely – that continues to fuel much of their work. They now have a name, of course, but also a purpose: showcasing rising names and emerging artists through their label and their sets, all while celebrating the very sounds that brought them together.

Earlier this year, Sicaria Sound announced that the project was coming to an end, citing a need to prioritise “health and wellbeing factors”. Yesterday (24 October), however, the duo revealed that they’d since reversed the decision, and will continue into the new year “with a more sustainable approach” whilst, most importantly, “prioritising health above all else”.

For their Selections playlist, Sicaria Sound walk us through some of their current favourite tracks orbiting 140 BPM. Moving from the murky textures of Hi5ghost to a “bonus” cut from the duo themselves, entitled 5th Gear, via Jafu, Simo Cell, INVT and more, it’s a characteristically dark and brooding listen. Perfect for this time of year then. 

Sicaria Sound play at Patterns, Brighton, on 5 November 2021