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We’re excited to be hosting the world premiere of the debut EP from BASSIDE, a Miami duo celebrating and reimagining the bass sound which is inextricably linked to their city.

Best friends Que Linda and Caro Loka. “I remember meeting Carolina outside of my middle school,” Linda recounted via email, “She was the “bad kid” so obviously I wanted to hang out with her. I remember she asked me on a date and I said yes (half because I was intimidated by her) we went to the mall and held hands. Nothing romantic ever happened but we’ve been best friends ever since.”

They also connected over the car-speaker-busting sounds of Miami bass and freestyle or – as Linda puts it – “bass that I could feel on my car seat.” Looking back on the sonic hallmarks of her home-turf, Loka puts it succinctly – “Everywhere you go, everyone is dancing. With their entire bodies.”

From the crunchy minimalism of QLCL right through to the clattering PC Music-esque deconstructions of Bodies of Bass – it’s a debut statement which demands attention. When Crack asked Linda and Loka what they had in store for 2018, Loka revealed that they’d collaborated with SOPHIE but remained tight-lipped on the details. “Can’t say much at the moment but just expect to see these two locas up on your shit.”

It’s a philosophy they’ve poured into their debut EP which is being released via Brooklyn imprint Sorry Records. It’s a sharp, six-track, subwoofer-friendly statement which serves as both an introduction to the sounds which inspired BASSIDE and a indication of where they might take those regional blueprints. It’s brash – a little silly – and unwaveringly devoted to making bodies move. But there’s a macro-level sense of self-assuredness in themselves and their city which can’t go unnoticed. As Linda puts it, “I want our music to make people feel loose, empowered, sexy… but also make them laugh a little bit.”