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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

One of Berlin’s brightest rising stars, DJ Spit is becoming increasingly renowned for DJ sets that bounce energetically from trance and techno to distinctly UK-indebted styles such as grime and UKG. Operating under the motto of “genre-fluidity”, Spit heads up the aptly-named Explorers platform, through which he’s curated a Boiler Room takeover in Berlin, as well as a collaboration with HÖR at London’s Phonox.

Explorers’ MO is simple: when it comes to DJ sets, more styles = more fun. And in Spit’s own club gigs, this philosophy is proven to be true. Often finding their springboard in the hardcore continuum, the energy flow of each set comprises a series of rhythmic gear changes and unexpected turns.

In case you need a little more background, Spit has put together a playlist compiling some selections from his current rotation, ahead of his set at this year’s edition of Lighthouse Festival in Croatia.

In his own words: “The idea of the playlist is to paint my own picture of Lighthouse. Lots of positive emotions with a good portion of euphoria that runs through all genres and stages on the grounds. But, above all, sunshine and beautiful people with a great taste in music.”

DJ Spit plays Lighthouse Festival, Croatia, on 25-29 May