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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Nexcyia’s compositions hold an immense, time-bending magic. His music, in particular the tracks on forthcoming debut Endless Path Of Memory, offering a richly immersive and granular realm where bristling sonics interweave with otherworldly synthesis.

On Tales, one of the first singles shared from the record, kinetic sound design and static distortions pan with a sense of ominous intrigue. Whilst Intro beams in feeling something like witnessing a sci-fi sunrise on a distant planet. In short, Nexcyia – aka London-based artist Adam Dove, who is also part of the current SHAPE+ roster – excels at crafting intricately visceral soundscapes; ones that offer a disorienting and disarming exploration of otherness and belonging.

Ahead of Endless Path Of Memory‘s release – which is set for 8 March via John Talabot’s Pensaments Sònics imprint – the experimental ambient artist and sound designer curates a playlist that abounds in experimental and atmospheric terrains. Highlighting some of the music selections in particular, Dove begins, “I’ve been an avid admirer and supporter of mu tate for quite some time. His album has become my companion during long walks and ventures into the forest, serving as a captivating soundtrack. Whenever I feel the need to cleanse my living space of negative energies, this album proves to be incredibly sensorial. One particular gem that resonates with me is the track Was It Holy ft. Desireé Monique.”

“Another artist I would like to highlight,” he continues, “is the intricacy of Pontiac Streator’s two albums. His distinctive production techniques inspire me, and I aspire to create something similar one day. I had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time in New York at a 29Speedway show in an abandoned warehouse last year. The last track, I Could Show You, from his Select Works Vol. III played a pivotal role in helping me navigate a challenging period in my life.”

“These albums have become a constant presence in my daily routine,” Dove concludes, “seamlessly accompanying me throughout the week. As a dedicated listener of experimental ambient music, my musical preferences often sway towards diverse genres that mirror my ever-changing moods.”

Endless Path Of Memory is out 8 March via Pensaments Sònics