Watch Hannah Diamond, Ikonika, Lord Apex and Ashley Henry perform in an immersive audiovisual space

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Over the past few weeks, electronic music kit company Novation have been showcasing their Launchpad and Launchkey controllers through a series of immersive live performances.

Staged on a platform in the middle of four standalone walls, musicians were invited to collaborate with a visual artist on a dynamic audiovisual performance – bringing their music to life with moving imagery and the spontaneity of the Launch devices.

First up, London producer and DJ Ikonika turned the sounds of Nobody into a cinematic experience with visuals from long-time collaborator MUNGO. Depicting a cold and dystopian world, the performance is a multi-sensory spectacle that captures two creatives expertly skilled in building worlds – MUNGO’s gloomy universe coming alive as Iknoika triggers her soundscape using Launchkey Mini.

From a murky terrain of a dystopian future to the labyrinthine streets of West London in 2020. Rising experimental UK rapper Lord Apex connects with Delphino Productions, a friend he’s had since his teens. Apex’s carefree flow finds pockets in the propulsive production which he has at his fingertips thanks to Launchpad X. Meanwhile, Delphino paints a scrapbook picture of tower blocks, backroads and hypnotic spirals to perfectly accompany the off-centre sounds of Miyagi Blueprint.

While some collaborations have lasted the best part of a lifetime, others bloom in the moment. London jazz musician Ashley Henry worked with multidisciplinary artist AyChibs on a AV incarnation of his stunning track The Mighty while reimagining the track itself using Launchkey 37. Bonding over a shared understanding of cinema and scale, Chibs and Henry found a synergy and the composition was elevated.

Like all blockbusters, a showy finale was called for. Enter PC Music alumnus and endlessly creative UK popstar Hannah Diamond armed with a customised Launchpad Pro and a suite of visuals by multimedia visual artist Daniel Swan. To the sounds of Hannah’s addictive anthem Fade Away, Swan stitches together a glistening tapestry of billboards, metallic symbols and, of course, a rainfall of diamonds.

Find out more about Novation and all the performances here #MadeToExpress

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