006 – Hyetal

A wonderfully modest person, the more than complimentary reviews piled on Hyetal’s debut album, Broadcast, haven’t really changed him much. After Crack had the pleasure to interview him in the confines of Crack Towers and subsequently witness his newly formed live show, it all seems to be taken in the stride of a man who is clearly going places.

In crafting this mix for the Crackcast series, Hyetal embarks on a multi-track, multi-tempo, wind through the music that’s making him tick at the moment. From the experimental dubby sonics of Peverelist to the twisted two-step of Pariah, the mix bumps and winds along with a variety of vocals, cuts, tempo-changes and array of sonics.

With a loose house flavour running through the middle of it, but with some incredibly brooding, atmospheric, synthesised touches giving the mix real depth, Hyetal’s contribution to the series represents the diversity characterising a modern producer’s record box. Cramming an unprecedented number of ideas into 40 minutes, this mix reinforces the incredibly positive direction in which Hyetal is headed.


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