020 – Maria Minerva

With the LA-based 100% Silk label displaying its wares at Bristol’s Motorcycle Showrooms this coming Friday, before moving on to Dalston’s freshest venue, Birthdays, the following day, Estonian-born Maria Juur will certainly be a key figure in the evening’s entertainment. Under her alias Maria Minerva, she produces a uniquely insular form of dubby, sensual pop with a knowing eye on the dancefloor. We are very, very pleased, therefore, to be able to welcome this exclusive mixtape to our series. A schizophrenic collection leaping between hazy disco, bubbling funk, bassy clatter and 80s melody, the common thread is a sublime illustration of the 100% Silk ethos, using individual and uncompromising means to make people move. We hope you’re as beguiled as we are.


[haiku url=”http://crackmagazine.net/wp-content/uploads/mp3/Crackcast%20020.mp3″ title=”Crackcast 020 Maria Minerva”] Download Mix