028 – Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick’s heady mix of classical musicianship and techno has left them in the highest regard in many musical communities. Crack’s 28th installment of our mix series sees them coming right out of the blocks with a mix that touches on many other areas their band work hasn’t yet reached. With a strong variation at its core, Brandt Brauer Frick’s Crackcast is full of the kind of oddball tracks you’d expect from such an act, yet at the same time it feels perfectly applicable to the dance floor. With a an imminent show at for the Ether Festival in The Southbank Centre on October 5th and a second album very much in the pipeline, it’s time to acquaint yourselves with some of the influences that make this act one of the must intriguing in the world right now.




Mtume – Love Lock (Epic)

Olin – Finally (Argot)

Tommy Finger Jr. – Deeptroit Ep (Lake Placid)

Muff Deep – Lost Soul (Tartelet)

Deepstate – Everybody get Down (Atlantic)

Toby Tobias – Love Papers (Quintessentials)

Virgo Four – It’s a crime (Caribou Remix) (Rush Hour)

Trevino – Derelict (Naked Lunch)

Pearson Sound – Clutch (Hessle Audio)


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