Joey Anderson

Everything Joey Anderson releases has a certain hypnotic quality. Emerging from New York and New Jersey’s lineage of dark and dusty house, after debuting on DJ Qu’s Strength Music label and releasing some wildly strange EPs via his own Inimeg Recordings imprint, Anderson’s style attracted wider attention via Levon Vincent’s milestone fabric 63, where his productions featured heavily. Whether it’s the off-dancefloor intensity of Above The Cherry Moon or the dark cosmic house of last year’s hotly anticipated album After Forever, his productions follow the New York narrative that the former house dancer has been lumped in with over the past few years; deep and wildly unpredictable.

Doing a lot with very little this mix summarises the New Jersey producer’s ethos, transforming off-kilter production and narcotic misfits into meditative moments, creating some of the most mesmerising and fulfilling house music committed to record in recent years. Joey Anderson takes his graceful house cuts and winding rhythms to Room 1 fabric on 7 February.