Part of the future never dies. And as owner of the long-running Cultivated Electronics label, Phil Bolland’s been making sure that the electro sound pioneered in the early-80′s by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Afrika Bambaataa (among others) remains the forward-thinking dancefloor ammunition it always has been.Since starting the label in 2007 (though he’s been releasing music on other imprints since 2003), Bolland’s dedication to the genre has been unwavering. Electro has fallen in and out of fashion over the years, but it seems to be enjoying another purple patch of late. Recent music from stalwarts such as DJ Stingray and The Exaltics and newcomers like Shanti Celeste prove it’s a style that continues to find favour with dancefloors over 30 years since its inception.

This exclusive mix from Sync 24 hammers the point home – featuring contemporary material from the likes of Marco Bernardi, J.T.C. and Truss as well as a number of unreleased and forthcoming tracks, it’s a heady, focused ride from start to finish that proves electro continues to remain a potent force in club culture.

Sync 24 plays as part of the Electrix Records showcase at Bloc, 13th-15th March.