Adam Shelton

Everyone – Crack Magazine included – came back raving about the inaugural Houghton Festival this year.

Similar to the praise afforded to Dekmantel, fans and critics singled out the environment which encouraged DJs to play liberally and explore corners of their crates which they wouldn’t normally. For DJ, producer and label head Adam Shelton, the festival was an opportunity to play an electro set where simmering breaks and spacey melodies were the order of the day. Following the success of the set, Shelton went away and put this special electro mix together. In his words, he was galvanised by an event where artists were encouraged to “do their thing.”

For the best part of 75 minutes, Shelton delivers a carefully mixed patchwork of moody electronics all orbiting the 130bpm mark. What starts as an eyes-down voyage through dimly lit electro crescendos on wiggier climes with squelchy synth bursts and skittering beats bringing the mix home.

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