Bjørn Torske

Bjørn Torske is one of Norwegian dance music’s true originators. From the scene’s early days when it consisted of a few adolescents riffing on Detroit and Chicago exports to its current iteration as a globally-recognised movement, he has been a central figure throughout its ascension.

There’s been much discussion on what to call the style championed by Norwegian producers. Without any Wot Do U Call It-style introspection having taken place amongst its creators, the consensus seems to be ‘cosmic disco’ or ‘Nordic disco’ (although in the excellent Northern Disco Lights documentary, DJ Strangefruit proffers ‘one-legged disco’ as a possible alternative).

Regardless of how you choose to term it, Torske’s masterful deployment of dub, disco, and psychedelia to break away from po-faced traditionalism has made his releases on Sex Tags, Smalltown Supersound and the seminal Telllé imprint highly sought-after.

As you’d expect, Bjørn Torske’s Crack Mix is charming, danceable, and wigged-out in equal measure, incorporating tracks from Moscoman, Sotofett, and an absolutely delightful Wham! edit amongst much more.

Bjørn Torske plays at CTM Festival, January 27- February 5 


KZA – Aneugalam
Muslimgauze – Mumbai Vibe Garden
LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends (Harvey Remix)
Wham! – Blue (Edited with love)
Art of Noise – Donna (Extended)
Dj Sotofett – Current 82
Space – Mixed Up
Moscoman – Rage in the cage
Who’s Who – Hypnodance
Dj Gilb’r – Cham (Gilb’r & Dj Sotofett Version 2)
KZA – Unfaithful
Doc L Junior – Let’s Go (Never Been To Tokyo)
Skatebård – Agfachrome RSX II
Kris Pettersen – Thrillerloop
Crystalite feat. Kirsten – Cut by a laser
Matthew Dekay – Patience please
Dj Sotofett – Soukas Mix