Breakwave is the alias of promoter, DJ and label head Jessica Beaumont.

Beaumont is perhaps best known for Meine Nacht, the roving party she throws in Liverpool in various non-club spaces such as old supermarkets, a factory canteen and a former police station.

As well as the obvious allure of novel and never-before-used venues, the semi-clandestine nature of the party also serves to foster a community atmosphere that keeps the crowd close-knit and friendly. Beaumont describes it as akin to an offline peer-to-peer network, deploying word-of-mouth promotion rather than relentless algorithm-gaming.

Having already set up the imprint Deep Sea Frequency, Breakwave has recently launched an eponymous label for Meine Nacht aiming to channel the considerable talent that orbits it. The debut release by Daniel Ruane is a maximal, bio-mechanical melange of juddering bass and mechanical clangs primed for adventurous DJs.

Breakwave’s Crack Mix shifts between 128 and 160 BPM, layering beatless tracks and heady sound design over thundering, off-beat techno and breaks. A fearsome statement of intent from a selector on the rise.

The Meine Nacht label launch takes place at Tate Liverpool on 12 April