Carlos Souffront

Dark, tough and extra-terrestrial sounds from a US veteran

One of those selectors whose style is simply synonymous with their name, Carlos Souffront is one of the most respected DJs from coast to coast in the US, not to mention a cheese monger of fine standing. Coming up in Detroit with the likes of Mike Servito, he made his name playing far-reaching sets of mammoth length at the now legendary No Way Back parties. Souffront’s is a mode of being that stretches back to techno and acid’s roots in the midwest city, and he has, as much as anyone, carried the torch to his more recent home in San Francisco.

In recent years Souffront has been gaining deserved traction across the pond, and discerning heads all over the European continent know the furious power he commands on the decks. With two decades and then some on the clock, his sets tend to straddle eras as much as styles, and his Crack Mix is no different: where tracks reaching back as far as ’81 mingle with cuts that are fresh off the press. The blends are wild and the mood challenging; leaving no doubt that this is a special talent at work.

“[The mix] is a one-take studio recording recorded in San Francisco, June 2019,” Souffront tells us. “It is my first studio mix of 100% digital files and no vinyl. The mix features some favourite tracks and a few unreleased edits made by friends I’m proud to call out. Enjoy!”

Kotai – Cool Ozzi (Patrick Russell edit) (unreleased, 2015)
AFX – D16-1Shuffinger (unreleased, 1993?)
Tom Ellard – 303B The East Is Red (Dark Entries, 2014)
Florence – The Vineyard (Peter Ford Remix) (Eevo Lute Muzique, 1996)
Chris & Cosey – Jink Jive (Conspiracy International, 1990)
Abandoned Footwear – Mind Over Matter (Polybius Trax, 2016)
Decius – Delicate Sf (Decius Trax, 2017)
DJ Kline – Future Detector (The Disco is Just Funk Freebase) (unreleased, 2019)
A Guy Called Gerald – Blame the Artist (Exillon edit) (unreleased, 2017)
Bill Converse – Relentless Imitation (Dark Entries, 2019)
Farley – No One Jacks the Box (J.T.C. edit) (unreleased, 2004)
Unit Moebius – Tonic (Acid Planet, 1994)
Larry Heard – Psychotic Fantasy (Distance, 1997)
Jamal Moss – Gherkin 5 (No Label, 2016)
Hypnobeat – Giving Head to Kilian (Monochrome Tapes 1985)
Portion Control – Come Alive (Bill Converse edit) (unreleased 2018)
Stallone the Reducer – Drug Pusher (Est. 83 2016)
Shake – Sonar 123 (Interface, 1990)
CH-BB – Neger Brauchen Keine Elektronik (No Label 1981)
Gesloten Cirkel – Chasing Away the Night (Murder Capital 2015)
Millsart – Gateway of Zen (Axis 1993)
Beau Wanzer – Beaches of Leeches (BW 2015)
Bill Converse – Az Ah Zee (Dark Entries 2019)
H.E.A.D. – EFS 4 (Blue, 1993)
Future/Past – Dance Intellect (B12, 1991)
Qnete – Grey City Anthem (ZCKR, 2016)
Khan & Walker – Schleichfahrt 4 (Disko B,1996)
John T. Gast – Overseer (Apron, 2016)
The Customers – Storm (Elektro Music Department, 2003)
Lost SoundBytes – Sell the Fear (brokntoys/Discos Del Quebranto, 2019)
Curve – Falling Free (The Aphex Twin Remix) (Anxious 1992)
Tom Ellard – In Her Hair (Dark Entries, 2014)
Jeff Mills – The intruder Emerges (Axis, 2011)
Bill Converse – Harbour Air (Dark Entries, 2019)
In Hope For the Best – Hummel (Elektro Music Department, 1999)

Carlos Souffront plays Smangtasia II, 26-28 July, Stone Tavern Farm, NY.