Our latest Crack Mix comes direct from the São Paulo underground.

A prominent figure in the city, DJ Cashu is a founding member of Mamba Negra: a queer party and artistic collective that, since its foundation in 2013, has been a vital space and rallying point for members of São Paulo’s marginalised communities in the face Brazil’s increasingly authoritarian political climate.

Artistically, Mamba Negra is about as far-ranging as you can get. Each edition provides a platform for an array of DJs, performers and visual artists, with collaboration and creative cross-pollination being a central tenet of the party. Gatherings are held in dilapidated or otherwise abandoned spaces across São Paulo, a decision intended to expose the neglect and hyper-capitalistic practices that create such spaces.

Blending acid and angular techno with spacier, more contemplative tracks, Cashu’s Crack Mix draws inspiration from her surroundings, channelling “the chaos I feel inside me and the energy that emerges from the scrappy living situations in São Paulo”.

“You’ll find lots of different moments,” she adds. “Some beautiful, dreamy, energetic vibes and others really promiscuous and dirty.” We couldn’t have put it better.