CCL is a scene figurehead intent on doing things differently.

A founding member of influential North American community group TUF, the artist first stormed onto our radar with their outstanding contribution to the Honey Soundsystem mix series: Ode to the Queer Steppas, which chronicled an imaginary dubstep set at a joyous queer party. And we weren’t the only ones impressed: the mix was tipped by The Guardian, Mixmag and Pitchfork, and wound up on FACT and RA’s best of 2018 list.

Inspired by a recent trip to Eris Drew’s Motherbeat weekend in Pittsburgh, CCL’s mix for us comes as a further celebration of dynamic queer club spaces. Moving fluidly between “nuanced moods, eras, tempos and genres” – via African Head Charge, M.E.S.H., Appleblim and Basic Rhythm – the mix is an artful exercise in tension and release, and a welcome display of a DJ with a truly singular approach.

CCL plays at Wigflex City Festival, Nottingham, on 5 May