DJ Boring

DJ Boring was part of the much-discussed pack of lo-fi house artists who emerged in 2016 and brought a torrent of think-pieces and comment section conflict with them. It was (and pretty much still is) an aesthetically-driven microgenre, with irony and humour laced through the laid-back house productions. Thankfully, the dust has settled and the alumni of the lo-fi house boom have found space to flourish. 

Now, Boring (aka Tristan Hallis) is gearing up to release his first collaborative EP with producer Stanley Schmidt on the pair’s newly launched Vienna imprint. Informed by euphoric 90s house and misty-eyed recollections of raves long gone, the EP suggests that nostalgia is still a major drive for his sound. It’s evidently also a factor in his selections, as demonstrated in this hour-long mix for our series built largely from blissed out and keyed up house.

Perhaps the mix is delivered with a smirk. Perhaps the joke’s on us. Who knows? Our hands are in the air and we’re reminiscing over the raves that once were. Love is the answer.

DJ Boring and Stanley Schmidt’s collaborative EP Vienna001 is out 2 March on their own Vienna imprint. DJ Boring appears at HER DAMIT Festival in Berlin, 8-10 June 2018.