DJ Taye

Since being inducted into Teklife in his teens DJ Taye has been a mainstay of the crew, coming to the fore alongside the likes of Spinn, Earl and Manny as footwork snowballed into a global phenomenon.

Having rounded out last year with the Move Out EP – the lead single of which, Burnin Ya Boa, placed deservedly high on Crack’s tracks of the year list – Taye also teamed up with Spinn to contribute a belting rework of Could B U to Jessy Lanza’s Oh No remix EP.

Rarely dropping below the 160 BPM mark, Taye’s rapid-fire mix is a testament to both his skills as a DJ and the Teklife crew’s terrific work rate, packed with original productions and peppered with contributions from his close friends and label-mates. L’s up.


DJ Taye & Manny – Like This
DJ Taye feat. DJ Earl – Break It Down
DJ Taye – Move Out
Manny – Catch The Beat
Taye, Manny, Chap, Taso – Catch the beat 17
Taye & Paypal – Drop/Pop 17
Manny – Hyper Beam
Taye & Manny – Time 2 Party
Taye , Manny, Earl – We In The Land
DJ Taye – Smokeout
DJ Rashad feat. Spinn, Taso – She A Go
Taye & Manny – Maniacal Laughter
DJ Rashad – Itz Not Rite
DJ Taye & DJ Earl – Wurkin Da Bass
Manny – Savage Bitch
DJ Taye & DJ Spinn – Feel is The High
Manny – Like That
Taye – Take My Time
Manny & Taye – Spend That VIP
Manny – Its Bussin
Taso feat. Manny & Tre – Bussin’
Taso & DJ Taye – In The Green Room
DJ Taye – Trippin’
Taye – Simple & Clean VIP
Manny & Taye – TEKLIFE HOUSE
DJ Taye & DJ Spinn – Could B U – Jessy Lanza Remix
Taye – Trueself
Taye – Close the Door VIP
Manny & Taye – Get It If You Want It
Taye – Come Closer
Taye – Talm Bout Lit
Taye – Shawty You Lit VIP
Taye – Shawty You Lit 17
Manny & Taye – Give It To Me
DJ Taye – Nu PAC-Man
Taye & Manny – GET HI BABY
DJ Taye & DJ Manny – Burnin Ya Boa
Manny – Bout That Life
Taye – Work That Body 17
Teklife – Work Yo Body Move Yo Body
Taye & Fabi – Idk
Teklife – Dat Footwork
Taye, Manny, & Spinn – Playin’ Yourself
DJ Earl feat. DJ Rashad & DJ Taye – bumbaklot
Manny & Taye – Still Hit Like A B*tch