Irish Ambient – Mixed by J Colleran

Born and raised in Kildare, Ireland, Jack Colleran and has always cleaved to his roots. When interviewed for Crack Magazine back in 2013, the young Colleran, then working under the MMOTHS moniker, stressed the importance of his home town, a place that provided inspiration and clarity of vision.

Colleran’s sound may have evolved since then – he now records as J Colleran, exploring the intersections and interplay between organic and inorganic sound– but Ireland remains a constant. Last month he released Gardenia, an expansive, lushly rendered album that inspired by the open plains of Kildare. It made wonderful sense, then, that when approached to create a mix for our specialist series, Colleran should dive deep into the rich, diverse world of ambient music created by Irish artists.

Wandering between abstract electronic meditations, folk-inspired works and field recordings, not all of these tracks display the same obvious connection to Ireland as Colleran’s work, but perhaps the point. There’s a rich multiplicity at work here, a sense of rumination that’s sometimes spiritual, sometimes far closer to Earth, an exploration of the granular and the sublime.


Može – And It Keeps Going
Linda Buckley – Ekstasis (Excerpt)
Sias – Laika (First Mix)
Kevin Shields – Goodbye
Jonathan Nangle – Falling Into Helio-Stationary Orbit
Donal Sarsfield – The Suitcases Piece
Lumigraph – Ambient w_ Gar
Áine O’Dwyer – The Little Lord Of Misrule
Jane Deasy – Drone + field exercise 1 for DDR 2018
Ian Nyquist – Where Have You Been?
V/A – Athrá Titim Gach Rud – Tape Side A (Except)
Shammen Delly – Piano Works and Variations of Strings
Neighbours – ~136 million and billions and billions
Underling – emulsion 3_drum crush [09 07 16]
Wry Myr – One
Lighght – Croesus Pieces
Oli – Duille
R. Kitt – Keeps me Dreaming
Olan Monk – Yin Yang (w_Maria Somerville)
Dream Cycles – Enough in now
Melly – Mineral Water
Može – Each and Theirs 1

J Colleran’s debut show takes place on 26 July at LN CC in London.