Justin Aulis Long

Justin Aulis Long is a Chicago native and longstanding resident at the city’s legendary Smartbar; a seasoned vet who, as a teen, studiously recorded mix shows off WBMX while a self-identified “skate punk/industrial acid house mutant”.

Intriguingly, he’s also a practicing chaos magician and visual artist, which perhaps explains Long’s sets are versed in the underground of Chicago as translated through a murky, mystical lens. For some, he’ll be better known as one half of L.I.E.S. affiliated project Circling Vultures, alongside Ken Zawacki, a project that skirts the outer reaches of machine music. In his exclusive Crack Mix, Long flexes his love of sonic deviance – exemplified most clearly in his inclusion of Coil’s scatological masterpiece Another Brown World. Raunchy and revelling in subversive sounds – think EBM, acid and industrial – this set explores the most mutant corners of the dancefloor.

1. Eiterschlangen – Fleisch
2. Circa Tapes – Forest Floors
3. Charles Manier – A/B Infect
4. Beta Evers – Only for My Satisfaction (Bodyvolt Remix)
5. Bobby Birdman – Mind Taker
6. Mutant Beat Dance – Scandalous Vanity
7. James T. Cotton – The Boxx
8. The Vox – Stay Silent (M.W. Cut)
9. D’ Marc Cantu – Say it, and it is Time
10. Kevin Stark – Need a Bigger Boat
11. Hypnobeat – Mission in Congo
12. Black Meteoric Star – Love Song #2
13. 2AM/FM – Poison Dart
14. Stallone the Reducer – Cruising the Rubber
15. Bill Converse – Detection
16. The Maniacs – Luv Eternal
17. Coil – Another Brown World
18. Wetware – Ode to Joe