The Wisdom Teeth boss explores the dubby, textural frontiers of UK club music.

Dance music is a cyclical business, with trends tending to swing between a more functional gait and testing the waters with looser, more expansive structures. Today, there is a pretty strong consensus that the UK is in good shape when it comes to producers, labels and DJs pushing at the leftfield. In Bristol, as is often the case, this seems especially so, with labels like Timedance, Livity Sound, Happy Skull and indeed Wisdom Teeth (which K-Lone runs along with Facta) blazing a trail that others inevitably follow.

K-Lone’s own productions are as forward-thinking and varied as the music you’ll find on Wisdom Teeth and, between these facets and his DJ sets, a picture emerges of a figure among those at the forefront of UK club sounds whose whims are worth following. His Crack Mix reflects the kind of inquisitiveness which has seen him release a slew of records that barely follow any thematic pattern. Much of these tracks though are bound by a meatiness in their rhythmic movements, and there’s a relaxing quality to the whole thing, but beyond that, it’s hard to pinpoint the dominant vibe. Listening is intensely satisfying though: a bit like scratching an itch you didn’t know you had.

The tracklist is dominated by new and upcoming tracks by the likes of Metrist, Batu, Leif and Call Super; it doesn’t feel like a stretch to suggest here is a snapshot of a where UK dance music is at today. On this evidence, it would appear to be in rude health.

Earthen Sea – Shallow, Shadowless
Tibia – Watermusic
Gramm – Non-Relations
Metrist – Closer The TV
Lurka – Stay Lets Together
K-LONE – Batucada
Batu – Statin
Piezo – Steady Can’t Steady Can’t Stay
Duckett – People Are Sick
Facta & K-LONE – Untitled
Henry Greenleaf – Half Under
Pessimist – Austerity
Adam Stromstedt – Split Tongue
Huerta – Lounge Lizard
DJ Plead – DVE
K-LONE – Sine Language
Leif – Number 13
Call Super – The Mess
Kosh – Keep Hope Alive
Toma Kami – Negative Extasy
Facta – Untitled
Shielding – Aiem