Low Jack

There’s a brilliant quote from Karen Gwyer’s 2014 interview with The Quietus about Low Jack: “If someone said to me, draw a picture of Low Jack, draw a really expressionist cartoon of Low Jack, it would really be how Low Jack sounds.”

It’s an unusual description but oddly fitting: to date his productions have charted a course between subterranean lo-fi house for The Trilogy Tapes to brutalist machine music for In Paradisum, with slamming, rough-hewn drums being the common thread between the two.

More recently Low Jack has collaborated with Equiknoxx crew member Time Cow for a half-hour casette mix entitled Glacial Dancehall released on the excellent Bokeh Versions, chopping, editing, and screwing the source material into something altogether more sinister.

All of the above are present on his Crack Mix, which Low Jack modestly describes it as a spontaneous, one-take affair, comprised mostly of “Riddim variations from friends, along with unreleased instrumentals of mine, that will see a release in the coming months on Editions Gravats & BFDM.”

In amongst forthcoming solo work Low Jack also features upcoming tracks from an impressive list of peers including Terekke, Bambounou and DJ Python. Get locked.

Low Jack is a participating member of SHAPE– a platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe.