Luz Diaz trained at film school but has dedicated the last decade of her life to exploring and discovering within the broad confines of electronic music and the dialogue which surrounds it. As a co–founder of Room 4 Resistance, a Berlin–based queer femme and non–binary collective focused on building communities and creating safety and visibility for marginalised voices in dance music, Luz represents a new generation of clubbers and promoters who understand the innately interdependent nature of club culture.

Luz also understands the importance of constantly searching for new sounds. For this contribution to our Crack Mix series, Luz offers a pin–drop on an alien middle ground between techno, electro and leftfield experimentalism. From the exacting, functional techno of Ploy’s Ramos to the headrush-inducing build of Byetone’s 2011 cut Topas – it’s an energising collage of close, darkroom sounds, expertly stitched together with a perspective fixed firmly on the floor. Ending with 50 Euro to Break Boost, just one of the absorbing standouts from Skee Mask’s revelatory recent LP for Illian Tape, the mix feels and plays like a showcase of the best put together by someone who spends all their time looking for it.

Room 4 Resistance’s Pride Party takes place on Saturday 28 July at ://about blank, Berlin. Follow Luz here.

1. Ionosfeer – Abby Echiverri (The Bunker)
2. System – Forest Drive West (Livity Sound)
3. Fundamentals (Onar Anxiety remix) – Felix K (Blackest Ever Black)
4. Hiraeth (Batu Remix) – Steevio (Wisdom Teeth)
5. Ramos – Ploy (Timedance)
6. Vacuous Being – Bergsonist (Clan Destine Records)
7. Meta – Fault Line (Par Avion 001)
8. Facing Forward – Naeem – is / was (IW03)
9. Grand Style – Byetone (Raster Noton)
10. Pod Bay 8 – Morphology (FireScope Records)
11. Weird Sister – Szare (Frozen Border)
12. Endgame – A made Up Sound (A made Up Sound)
13. Recall – Hodge (Hemlock Recordings)
14. Pretend – Gayphextwin (Jacktone Records)
15. Aquaris Monopole – Cabasa (No Suit Records)
16. Topas – Byetone (Raster Noton)
17. Masha – Solid Blake (Monkey Town Records)
18. 50 Euro To Break Boost – Skee Mask (Illian Tape)