Madam X

Madam X has been busy in the five or so years she’s lived in her adopted city of Manchester. In addition to an ever-expanding schedule of gigs and radio shows, she has also founded two influential club night-cum-label collectives- Big People Music and Kaizen.

Kaizen derives from a Japanese phrase meaning “continuous improvement”, which is an apt description of Madam X’s career to date. Originally used as the title of a compilation showcasing original tracks from Murlo, Dark0 and G.S One, Kaizen now encompasses a label and club night, the first installment of which takes place this Saturday with frequent collaborators Biome, Walton and Silas & Snare.

Madam X’s sound is often characterised as deep, dark, and bassy, and while this isn’t entirely untrue her Crack Mix showcases her versatility as a party DJ, playfully bookending a head-spinning trip through the moodier side of her repertoire with laid-back classics from Slum Village and a recent oddity from D’n’B supergroup Ritchie Brains. Recommended listening.

Madam X plays at London’s Sunfall festival on 9 July.