Mark E Smith & The Fall (1979-1989) – Mixed by DJ October

Earlier this week, we learned of the sad news that iconic British musician and personality, Mark E Smith had passed away aged 60.

He leaves behind a legacy of acerbic wit, an all-pervading influence on the DNA of British guitar music and a catalogue of music so prolific that fans can explore and rediscover forever.

One of those admirers is Bristol’s DJ October whose shadowy breed of industrial production is as inspired by The Fall as it is anything electronic leaning. Known to weave alternative post-punk sounds into his visceral DJ sets, his knowledge of the world The Fall exist in is encyclopedic.

We’re thrilled he delivered this exclusive hour-long mix for us built entirely from music released by The Fall between the years of 1979 and 1989. This era starts with their debut studio record, Live at the Witch Trials and ends with I Am Kurious Oranj – an album which captured the internal friction of the band as Smith’s dependency on substances escalated and his marriage to Brix Smith Start began to break down.

“I didn’t start listening to their work, although aware of it, until after I moved to the UK in ’96, and saw Mark E. Smith being interviewed by Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, (Vinyl Police) on the Adam and Joe show,” October told us over email. “It was funny – so I went searching for The Fall. It was enjoyable putting this mix together and revisiting such a great body of work by such a unique human that I’ve admired since my teens.”

The mix is book-ended with audio of the iconic clip of Smith reading out football scores on the BBC’s Final Score. Check out the full track-list below and read our obituary of Mark E Smith here.

01. Mark E Smith announces the Football
02. Fortress/Deer Park
03. Draygo’s Guilt
04. Totally Wired
05. Lucifer Over Lancashire
06. Last Nacht
07. The Man Whose Head Expanded
08. C.R.E.E.P.
09. Psykick Dance Hall (Number 2)
10. Mr Pharmacist
11. Haf Found Borman
12. L.A.
13. Marquis Cha Cha
14. Sleep Debt Snatches
15. U.S. 80’s-90’s
16. Slang King 2
17. Mansion
18. Mark E Smith announcing the Football