Raucous, rough sounds and unstoppable energy from one of Glasgow’s finest.

Glasgow-based but Ljubljana-formed, Nightwave has become a stalwart of the scene in her adopted home, be it running her party Nightrave, teaching young women how to DJ and produce (the latter as part of Producergirls) or remixing and releasing her own tracks. Her biggest reference points are often the music of Chicago and Detroit, and there’s a whole generation of party-starters and record-makers in the Scottish capital for whom they are the unwavering touchstone. True to form, Nightwave’s Crack Mix is full of signposts pointing toward the midwest.

Electro occupies the lion’s share of the mix’s first half, full of sparks and jolts and shallow punched beats. Later, Courier’s Civil Duty and LSDXOXO’s instant-classic Death Rattle turn up the intensity even further for a thumping culmination and soft landing with her own track Quadratic Mind ft Martyn Bootyspoon from her upcoming EP Rainbow Body.

Speaking over email, Nightwave described the mix as a “high energy journey through some of [her] favourite tracks at the moment, suitable for your trip to the rave, the afters or even the gym.” With that in mind get stuck in, whatever weekend you’re planning.