Ø [Phase]

Purism is sometimes seen as a dirty word in dance music, evocative of boorish format fetishists and rave snobbery. However, for many artists the process of slavishly crafting their sound into a singular, identifiable style sets them apart from the crowd. Ø [Phase] – real name Ashley Burchett – is one such producer, and those familiar with his expansive catalogue, which, since 2007 has been released on Token, the Belgian imprint founded by Kr!z, will be well-versed in his focused, high-intensity brand of techno.

Drawing on his background in studio production and mastering, Ø [Phase] tracks eschew the trend of rollicking, rough-and-ready UK techno in favour of a polished, progressive approach that runs over into his DJ sets and live performances.

Ø [Phase]’s contribution to the Crack Mix series is exemplary of this style – a carefully-constructed affair that relies as much on restraint and tension as it does on the more climactic movements to create an atmosphere.

Ø [Phase] plays at The Peacock Society, Parc de Floral Paris, February 17- 18