Born in St. Lucia and then moving to London before recently relocating to Paris, Poté was always destined to capture a broad-based sound of uplifting melodies.

As a producer, he’s nailed a sleek and stylish sound which could sound as at home on a runway as it could in a sweaty basement. We were introduced to Poté a couple of weeks ago when we caught his live set at All Points East festival’s JägerHaus where he delivered an infectious live set that had the crowd moving till the finish. Soon after, we got in touch to invite him to contribute to our mix series.

“With this mix, I really wanted to highlight where I’m at, at this point in my life,” Poté told us over email, “having moved to Paris and taking in a whole bunch of new influences, sounds and culture.” The resulting 50 minutes are testament to an artist who is constantly exploring new sounds and operating entirely outside of genre bounds.

Freewheeling between regions, sounds and eras, the mix is a perfect embodiment of his musical spirit. “This mix goes all over the world from London, to South Africa, to Paris. I tend to compile music with similar drums stylistically, that way you can go across genres really smoothly while taking the energy up or down and creating a vibe.”

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