Red Axes

Originally hailing from Tel Aviv, production duo Red Axes started life as a punk rock three-piece called Red Cotton. Following the departure of their drummer, remaining members Dori Sadovnik and Niv Azri affected a name change and quickly began incorporating electronic elements into their output.

Frequently working with live instrumentation and vocalists, Red Axes churn out tracks that skip comfortably between nu-disco, chuggy EBM and more familiar shades of house whilst retaining a heady, colourful atmosphere that steers wide from the pitfalls of po-faced club music.

Following the release of their debut LP Ballad of Ice on I’m A Cliché back in 2014, Red Axes cropped up on outlier imprints Multi Culti and ESP Institute as well as more high-profile labels such as Crosstown Rebels and John Talabot’s Hivern Discs.

Last year also saw Dori and Nivv inaugurate their own label Garzen Records with Ahuzat Bait, a characteristically left-leaning EP on which that dubbed chanted Hebrew lyrics over scuzzy post-punk beats, with a follow-up reportedly well underway.

Red Axes’ Crack Mix segues to and fro between jagged new wave, spacey techno and sample-laden psychedelia- a standout contribution from one of the scene’s most idiosyncratic pairings.

Red Axes play live at Field Day on Saturday 11 June.