The Unheard Sounds of the Dutch West Coast – Mixed by Cosmox

The Hague, situated on the Netherlands’ west coast, is one of the more idiosyncratic outposts for electronic music. Less storied than Berlin or Detroit, its bristling underground scene – or collection of scenes – has nonetheless led the way for raw, uncompromising and deeply experimental music whose influence is channelled by a new generation of DJs and producers.

Cosmox, a DJ and scene champion, knows a thing or two about the so-called West Coast Sound of Holland. For this exclusive 75-minute session, he asked 50 artists to send him material. It is, in his words, a “dark, trippy excursion” and features unreleased cuts as well as rare tracks culled from cassettes and CDs and the odd jam session. All recorded in a bunker, somewhere in The Hague.

There’s no track list of course, but expect head-tweaking sounds from the likes of unit moebius, Legowelt Music, Intergalactic Gary, Versalife, Endfest, Dj Technician, Baz Reznik, TAFKAMP, Syncom Data, Lake Haze, I-F & GT, Orgue Electronique, JEANS, The Exaltics, 543ff, Cultuurschok, Salò Mentale, Kassen & MC Smackos, Elektrovolt, Easylife & cosmo.

Cosmox plays at The Crave Festival, The Hague, 2 June