Having made an emphatic entrance back in 2008 with the brilliant, Detroit-endebted Working Night$, David James Wolstencroft has racked up a breadth of accomplished house and techno releases under his Trus’Me alias, ranging from the warm, sample-driven earthiness of his early work to the markedly sharper dancefloor kinetics of 2013’s Treat Me Right.

This year saw Trus’Me release his fourth LP Planet 4, incorporating Dreamscape-esque cover art and a smattering of sci-fi samples for a decidedly cosmic feel tempered by some of his hardest-hitting tracks to date.

Trus’Me’s Crack Mix feels like a neat introduction to Planet 4, interspersing spacey tracks from the album such as the heady Our Future and the meditative Dark Flow with terrestrial cuts that apparently served to inspire them such as Danny Tenaglia’s Everybody Get Down.