Tyler Pope

Best know for his work in !!!, Tyler Pope’s résumé is that of someone with an enviable record collection.

Beyond the surface-level components which make up the thrilling dance-punk he’s helped unleash with !!!, LCD Soundsystem and others, Pope’s encyclopaedic knowledge of club music and its foundational genres certainly sounds runs deep. You’d be hard pushed to find a better example of this than a recent instalment of the Talkhouse podcast where Pope ended up giving techno recommendations to Thurston Moore.

Now based in Berlin, Pope’s Interference Pattern Records imprint has become a stable for the kind of off-kilter, electronic-leaning sounds he’s woven into this mix. Starting off by easing in a muggy Balearic rhythm, the mix soon nosedives into moodier terrain with chugging minimalism and percussive breaks.

By the homestretch, an arpeggiating Arabic refrain fizzes out into a loose, scintillating finale. Listen to the mix now and keep up with Tyler’s label here.