unfold: DJ Fulltono at The White Hotel, Manchester

In April, we kicked off unfold in partnership with Japanese beer brand Asahi Super Dry, a series of four events celebrating innovative strands in Japanese underground electronic music. 

At each event, one room houses ORION – an audiovisual art installation by Japan-France art studio NONOTAK. In Manchester, we brought the party to perhaps the city’s best club, The White Hotel. In our main room, two luminaries of contemporary footwork and beyond – Kode9 and DJ Fulltono – delivered a breakneck soundtrack that kept people moving. Get a taste for the party here

We caught DJ Fulltono’s electrifying set on record – a joyride through the myriad shapes and forms of cutting-edge footwork courtesy of a true pioneer. Listen to the mix in the player above.

Relive the tour with mixes and videos at crackm.ag/unfold.