Like all worthwhile selectors, Zeina’s musical DNA has been shaped by exploration.

Having spent a decade drifting between Cairo, Canada and Berlin, her work as a producer and a DJ exudes a kind of loose, genre-blurring ethos which comes from immersing oneself in a number of different dancefloor communities. She’s now immersed herself fully in Cairo’s scene where she runs the only female-curated party in the city.

It’s a vision for inclusivity and tolerance in party spaces which she shares with the Khwat (خوات) party – a Berlin benefit for LGBTQ communities in Egypt in light of a government “crackdown” which you can learn more about via Amnesty International. The party is a vital effort of raising funds and demonstrating solidarity.

Zeina starts off in blissful ambience on this Crack Mix before embarking on a heady tour through featherweight techno, spacious dubby textures and infectiously percussive house.

Khwat خوات : A Benefit for our Queer Family in Egypt takes place at Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Berlin on Saturday 27 January. Find tickets here.