News / / 20.06.14

Elijah and Skilliam

Fabriclive 75 (fabric)


2014 has seen a continuation in the resurgence of grime; from the Eastern-influenced new wave of sino-grime to the insane hype surrounding JME and Meridian Dan’s mainstream crossover German Whip. So it seems like this is the right moment for Butterz label bosses Elijah & Skilliam to take the helm for their FABRICLIVE mix. The pair have long reigned over the UK grime scene, holding down a Rinse show as well as being FWD>>> regulars, so it’s a wonder it took until FABRICLIVE’s 75th outing to pin them down to take the reins. Mottled with infant cuts from both the Text and Hyperdub labels, grime veteran Terror Danjah’s stomping presence pummels out classically slurred and sub low beats while Butterz’ resident lady Flava D animates and cranks through the gears. Flirting with fresh talents both homegrown, and overseas thanks to flurries from Murlo and Kelela, despite the undeniable capabilities on both sides of the fence questions are certainly raised as to exactly how far Elijah & Skilliam have attempted to stretch the genre’s outlines. Yet as a snapshot of current offerings which embody the gritty, celebratory essence of the movement and what it always stood for in the club, this does the job. Grime never really did like to take a backseat, and we’re glad it’s heading back out front.

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Words: Leah Connolly