Here’s your handy quintet of mixes we’ve been bumping this week

Maybe it’s because as we enter the last month of the summer we’re deep into festival season, or maybe it’s ’cause everyone who contributed to this round-up isn’t at Dekmantel this week, but we’ve swerved any straight four-to-the-floor dance-floor mixes this week. Instead choose from slow burning ambience, bat-shit genre hopping and stuttering, woozy 80s cuts.


Minor Science

Texture Mix #19

Angus Finlayson moves assuredly from an ethereal opening, through some harsh, muddier textures, building via dancehall and grime to a firmer workout to close. Fire.



Crack Mix 159

Lush, menacing ambient mix from one of Tokyo’s finest. Get to know.



Homework Mix 001

An insatiable march through funky house cuts and boogie gems from the long-time Sub Club resident. It’s the first in his son’s new mix series as well, which is cute.



NTS Radio - Plume Heights

A planet-hopping mix somehow drawing on soaring Beethoven symphonies, harsh noise records and East Coast classics from Gang Starr and GZA. Look out for a particularly seamless collision of new- and old-school rap from Tyrrelskrt to LL Cool J.



Truancy Volume 182

Following the release of his bizarrely irresistible Blue Pedro EP on The Trilogy Tapes, the Deek founder rounds off a hectic month with this impeccable dubby take on the best from the 80s.


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