More fire for your headpiece

Every week we bring you five of the most essential mixes floating around in the ones and zeroes. Moody folk and jazz, Zelda tunes, knees-up jungle and a post-apocalyptic discotheque all feature in this edition.



Live at Club de Visionäre

A beautifully weighted warm-up showing exactly how to build tempo and intensity of an afternoon. Shouts to TC80 for dropping Koji Kondo’s undisputed masterpiece: the forest temple soundtrack from Ocarina Of Time.


Blackest Ever Black w/Jabu


Delectable moody slow-burners plus a forthcoming Ossia track in the first half. Jabu’s guest mix then goes further west, dragging its knuckles through drone, jazz and wiggy folk.



Trushmix 109

A turnt exploration of the Amen’s boundless potential. Tatjana throws down a wealth of gems from jungle’s peak era sprinkled with deft vocal snippets.


Francis Inferno Orchestra

RA Podcast 585

Recorded in Corsica Studios and dedicated to the wonderful Amanda Moss who sadly passed earlier this year, this mix is what FIO would play at a club in the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max. All we can say is we’re a little less worried about Trump and his fascination with the big red button.


Amy Becker

Crack Mix 162

Afrobeats, drill, bass… No messing. Amy Becker’s addition to our mix series is seriously heated. The esteemed North London DJ spends 50 minutes flinging out bangers like frisbees, harnessing the sheer energy coming out of London right now.


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