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For any Brits with a taste for progressive stoner/metal, Swansea’s Taint were a name to drop. Over the course of their lengthy career the trio slugged it out with the world’s biggest dogs, and came out on top thanks to their innovative sound, at once bruising, grooving, melodic and lofty in both vision and execution. Their demise was met with a lot of hairy men getting very upset indeed. Now based in Bristol, frontman Jimbob Isaac has brought much of that mentality to his latest project, H A R K. Debut 7” Mythopoeia sees him joined by former Whyteleaf bottom-enders Nikolai Ribnikov and Simon Bonwick, and sees the levels of ambition extend ever further beyond what we have any right to expect. We’re screaming out for a full-length.


Tune: Mythopoeia

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