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Thunderous, commanding, impressive – Savages performing at Banksy’s “Bemusement Park” was never going to be boring.

When underground artist Banksy opened the doors of Dismaland last month, it was difficult to know what to expect. A dose of sarcasm, a measure of political unrest and a hit of social commentary, of course, but in what form? The site didn’t disappoint. A plastic Cinderella pleading for help in her upturned carriage as paparazzi snap, a “selfie hole” and the most unhappy customer service reps ever all added to the forced fun, but it’s was the stage that excited us most.

Savages appeared typically fearless on Friday night, leading climax after climax of crushing post-punk. Their live reputation is vicious, and as Jehnny Beth strode into the crowd, it was undeniable that a ticket to a Savages is a white-hot ticket to a manic world of the band’s own construction. Compelling.

Catch the band headlining Simple Things next month, and see Rebecca Cleal‘s searing shots of the band in action above.