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Reverberation Appreciation Society


Indian Jewelry never used to sound like Animal Collective if they’d been formed by Jake and Elwood Blues, but now they kinda do. It’s not as terrible as it sounds, honestly. Peel It sees the band exploring more polished garage rock territory while keeping the interplay of world music and noise rock flowing determinedly across the astral plane. It’s still hypnotic, freaky and immersive; but the band have decided that instead of channelling the dusty spirit of the Mojave, they want to channel the essence of Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. Peel It consists of 11 slabs of freaked out, acid-washed rock, all punctuated by the constantly beating drum that has defined their sound on recent outings. Vital Lately really stands up as noise pop at its best, a sign of maturity: the graduation from art students to proper human beings. The beautiful Eva Cherie, meanwhile, features heavenly vocals that could make the most hardened military school drill instructor weep. The only concern is that eventually they might just turn into Backstreet Boys and take over the world with pure pop hooks. Though to be fair, BSB are long overdue a new record and we’re on tenterhooks over here.


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Words: Billy Black