News / / 14.09.12


Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl)


The last four years have seen bands like Japandroids garnering praise on an astronomical level, and while there may be many bands like Japandroids there are none that could conceivably call their album something as potentially career destroying as Celebration Rock and live to tell that tale. Their latest effort represents a renaissance for the band in terms of their ability to write songs and sound like the two man unit they have been waiting to become for the last few years. The album starts with a belter in The Nights of Wine and Roses and builds to the sensational cover of The Gun Club’s For The Love Of Ivy, before coming down softly with a collection of garage pop so well crafted there’s barely a duff vibe in the house. The album’s first single The House That Heaven Built, should be number one (but won’t) and contains some of the best sing alongs ever committed to record. Japandroids have already shown everyone who matters that they are on to some next level shit and with Celebration Rock a more polished, fully formed affair, it’s certain that everyone else will be sold as soon as they get it in their tiny little ear holes.

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Words: Billy Black