06 10

Jubilee After Hours Mixpak

Artists using clubbing as narrative arcs for LPs rarely works out. It’s a little like artists claiming albums are “based on their record collections” – essentially giving grounds for a disjointed record built from all kinds of sounds with no real impetus. Jubilee is a New York producer who spent her formative years growing up on the Miami club sound before relocating to New York, soaking up the eclectic sounds of the city and putting together this debut for Mixpak. As the title suggests, After Hours revolves around Jubilee’s nocturnal adventures, and although she struggles to stitch them all together, the various chapters of her night sound like parties worth chasing.

Wine Up and Opa-Locka channel the colourful Mixpak stylings which Jubilee is perhaps best associated with. Elsewhere, fellow Miami-native Otto von Schirach appears for standout cut Bass Supply – a supercharged eruption of Miami bass. At the end of the record, Snooze Button plays out like a wispy interpretation of UK grime before Sawgrass Highway zones in on a heads-down electro, which is formulaic but not totally unexciting. Jubilee isn’t just halfheartedly giving these styles a go, she’s done her homework and she’s pretty much nailing them. It makes for a record which is good fun, if a little indistinct and fuzzy – like any recollection of a worthwhile night out.