News / / 12.02.13


FABRIC 68 (Fabric)


It’s becoming quite the fashion to use the Fabric series as a chance to showcase 16 or so of your own productions in what is essentially an ‘album’ as opposed to a mix CD. Step forward Romanian techno upstart Petre Inspirescu, also known as Pedro. Making up one-third of the RPR (or a:rpia:r) collective with his fellow label mates Rhadoo and Raresh, these three young’uns of techno have been electrifying audiences with their loopy, Villalobos-inspired take on the genre. This mix CD sees the canon pushed hard, with a CD rich in the variables that make the aforementioned mentor and the particular strand of the sound he pushes as a whole so rich. Hypnotic minimalism runs alongside indecipherable effects alongside pulses, alongside – rather uniquely for a CD of this ilk – a hoard of instrumentation from the classical music section. Piano, lute, operatic notes, and violin form a tapestry far richer than your traditional minimal click and bleep palette. If the beat perhaps lingers for too long in certain sections, there’s something being constructed around that is genuinely very special indeed.

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Words: Thomas Frost