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Sebastian Gainsborough, aka Vessel, is a Bristol based producer who anchors his music in beats that morph between downtempo house and murky dub, often shrouding them in an ethereal fog of dark ambience. Vessel is set to release his debut album Order of Noise via the immensely credible Brooklyn based Tri Angle Records later this month, the label having picked up similarly transgressive beat makers in Holy Other, Evian Christ and Clams Casino during the formative stages of their careers. Vessel is flattered to be amongst their roster. “The label has an unashamedly grand vision and it’s great to be a part of that”, he tells us. Crack recently had the pleasure of experiencing Vessel’s live show, a set which began with deep, sustained shoegazey chords and built steadily towards a culmination of abrasive beats driven by a machinegun bass drum. “At the moment I just like hearing the tracks loud in a nice space,” he says on the subject, “but as time progresses I’ll probably abstract the material a lot more and pull it apart at the edges.” As an artist who already operates outside the boundaries of genre, it’s hard to imagine Vessel’s sound if he deconstructed his music even further.


Tune: Court of Lions

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