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Heading up a small sub-category within underground dance music, Ben UFO sits alongside a select few other DJs, such as Jackmaster and Oneman, whose esteemed reputation has not been earned through produced tracks, but by searching high and wide for records spanning many decades and genre spectrums. This lack of production constraints also gives UFO the freedom to play absolutely anything without the restrictions of specific staples. The Hessle Audio co-founder chooses to approach his FABRICLIVE offering from a largely techno-leaning bent. Opening up with some spaced out soundscaping, UFO soon gets things pumping with boisterous techno cuts from Delroy Edwards and Kowton, switching in and out of 4/4 rhythms. It’s not long before he sees fit to move, via garage, into classic house with Mr Fingers, and some instrumental grime after a minute of Clutch from fellow Hessle man Pearson Sound. As the mix nears conclusion, we’re eased back into the realms of techno, with tunes from Blawan and Kyle Hall leading to a conclusion of tripped out maximalist sounds. This is an accomplished selection, mixed together beautifully by one of the most varied and knowledgable heads in dance music, and rightly one of the most in demand.


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Words: T.C. Flanagan